About Us

Let's build a better future together!

hempak is on a mission to replace conventional plastic packaging with sustainable and hemp-based alternatives. We make biodegradable hemp plastic products and packaging that are not only environmentally friendly but also stylish and practical. Our team is passionate about helping businesses reduce their environmental impact, and we believe hemp is the key to a more sustainable future.
We’re committed to providing an alternative to wasteful packaging that’s better for the planet and better for your bottom line.

Why hemp plastic:

Hemp is one of nature’s greatest carbon absorbers. It is natural, renewable and relatively easy to grow. 1 ton of hemp sequesters 1.6 tons of CO2.

1 ton of virgin plastic generates 1 ton of CO2.

Biodegradable solution

Hemp plastic is a premium green alternative to traditional plastics yet still it delivers quality and durability. Our products biodegrades in a landfill.


This affordable solution will help your brand not only to be a successful leader  on the market but to reduce the usage of  plastic and make an immediate impact  to the environment.

Domestic manufacturing

All of our products are made in the USA with biodegradable hemp plastic: the future of packaging.

Looking to make your own custom products out of hemp plastic? We can help! Please reach out for details.

Add your custom brand

We provide custom in-house printing within 5 business days. We offer direct full-color printing and custom labels and label applications.

You can count on us to take a positive action towards a greener tomorrow. Let’s build a future together!